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Non-destructive and precise inspection of your components

The time for manufacturing new components is becoming shorter and shorter in all areas of industry, and manufacturers are under increasing pressure. However, despite time pressure and increasingly complex components, quality assurance and function control must of course not be neglected during product development. Particularly the inspection of internal structures poses problems here, because until recently, destructive testing of components was needed for precise measurement.

This has changed with the use of computer tomography in industrial metrology. With the help of this technology, workpieces can be measured non-destructively as well as completely before being analysed and corrected. Industrial computed tomography is your one-stop shop for precise analysis and measurement of your components.

Currently unable to do CT inspection at your company?Put your trust in CT measuring services from ZEISS! We offer you many years of experience in the field of industrial computed tomography with data acquisition and evaluation. The hardware and software of our CT systems are always state-of-the-art. Our experienced CT experts guarantee fast CT measurements. Rely on the quality assurance of the future and leave the inspection of your components to us.

The advantages of CT measurements:
  • Certainty: Measure, analyse and inspect defects and structures inside workpieces with just one exposure
  • Non-destructive: Thanks to CT and X-ray, measurement is possible without destroying the components

  • Reproduction: Digitization via computed tomography enables the reproduction of components even without a CAD model

Our CT measuring services

CT measurements at a glance

In manufacturing and production, quick solutions to problems such as material defects, particularly complicated components or hidden geometries are required on a daily basis. However, the inspection of workpieces by cutting or molding to analyse internal structures represents an additional time and cost factor in daily operations. However, all this can be avoided by highly flexible CT measuring services for your individual use. For years, industrial computed tomography has been able to realize the data acquisition and evaluation of various components and workpieces in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner.

With measurement services from ZEISS, components can be scanned for different wall thicknesses, defects such as cracks, blowholes or pores, and other flaws. Rely on CT measurement as a high-precision inspection element within industrial metrology and rely on our many years of expertise in metrology and computed tomography. We offer you various CT measuring services in accordance with DIN ISO 17035 certified test procedures, thus ensuring not only precise CT and X-ray measurements but also international comparability and recognition of the tests. This avoids multiple test procedures and saves costs in quality assurance.

Measurement analysis and geometry comparison

Computed tomography enables the entire component to be scanned – this also includes internal contours and undercuts. This enables not only the metrological analysis of the external features, but also the precise measurement of the internal structures for a quick check of the dimensional accuracy in just one scan. The measurement of workpieces made of multi-material is also guaranteed. CT measurement also enables an accurate nominal/actual comparison, as the CT image of the components can be compared directly with the existing CAD model or master component. This leads to significant time savings in quality assurance.  

Shown is the image of a workpiece with the software suite GOM Inspect

An overview of our services:

  • Measurement of standard geometries and form and position tolerances and geometric product specifications
  • Nominal/actual geometry comparison with a color-coded 3D visualization of the deviations
  • Initial inspection and contract measurement of your components
  • Wall thickness analysis by using color-coded display of wall thickness even for internal structures

Non-destructive failure analysis inside the component

Whether made of plastic or light metal: With the help of CT measurement, you can easily and non-destructively visualize failures in different material components. After the CT measurement, each workpiece is available as a complete data set and can be checked for defects such as blowholes, cracks, pores or inclusions during material testing.

With our CT measurements you benefit from:

  • Porosity and inclusion analysis of workpieces
  • Damage and failure analysis of complete assemblies (P202/P201 analysis)
  • Assembly check of components already in place
  • Wear inspection
  • Non-destructive component testing

Watch the video to find out about the many possibilities computed tomography offers you. We provide suitable contract measurements.

Reverse engineering with CT measurement - correct, optimize, capture

Each CT measurement involves the digital recording of the entire internal and external structures of a component. This not only enables fast quality assurance, but also the reverse engineering of your components and workpieces. Even if a CAD model is no longer available, you can still get back to the design data of a finished component. CT measurement is also suitable for targeted corrections. If deviations from a reference, whether a component or a CAD model, are known, they can be used to create corrected CAD data entirely according to your specifications and problems. With reverse engineering, not only the surface reconstruction but also an customized tool correction is guaranteed.

2D X-ray inspection

Quality assurance directly on the production line is time-consuming and error-prone. However, with the help of fast and automated 2D inspection, valuable time can be saved and defects and incorrect designs are quickly detected. With our X-ray services, the detection and inspection of various components in different sizes is accomplished without any problems. High-resolution industrial X-ray microscopy also enables precise detection of failures. 

An overview of our X-ray services:

  • Fast and automated 2D inspection of components and workpieces
  • Non-destructive testing directly on the production line
  • X-ray of workpieces of different types and sizes
Shown is the 2D X-ray image of a workpiece.
ZEISS metrology technician working on the CT measurement of a workpiece

Precise, fast, high quality: Rely on CT measuring services from ZEISS

Even one defect in a component can cause a product recall and high costs. Rely on precisely inspected components and seamless quality assurance with CT measuring services from ZEISS. As a manufacturer and service provider with many years of expertise in the field of industrial metrology, we know your daily challenges and problems and are aware of the constantly increasing quality demands in industry. For this reason, we guarantee you the results of the CT measurement after 3 working days, but often already on the day of delivery. In this way, you lose as little valuable time as possible and reduce the cost of problem solving. Even with the fastest measurements, our customers can of course rely on the highest quality according to the proven ZEISS standard.

No metrological requirement is too high for us: We guarantee you not only fast and precise results, but also CT measurement of particularly complex components. With the AMMAR add-on software developed by ZEISS and integrated in METROTOM OS, even difficult mixed materials, e. g. connectors made of plastic with metal inserts, can be checked and measured non-destructively by computed tomography. Trust in the quality assurance and material testing of the future and get to know your components better than ever before with the help of industrial computed tomography.

The benefits of our CT measuring services at a glance:

  • Recognized DAkkS-certified test methods including testing of multi-material composite components according to DIN 17025 (see accreditation certificate)
  • Industrial computed tomography with highest quality according to proven ZEISS standard
  • International comparability and recognition of exams through worldwide DAkks certification avoids multiple exams and saves costs
  • Fast solution of urgent problems by guaranteed results of CT measurement after 3 working days, but often sooner
  • Time saved due to fewer mold correction loops and reduction of "Time to Market"
  • Fast and accurate data processing with CALYPSO, GOM Volume Inspect and VGStudioMAX software packages and ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING

Application examples from the field of CT measurement

Whether aerospace, medical technology, electronics or automotive – every industry has its own individual manufacturing processes. Just as different are the potential failures inside the components, which are simply not visible from the outside, but can have significant effects. X-raying and measuring workpieces with CT can eliminate these uncertainties and also show internal structures with non-destructive technology in 2D and 3D.
Due to the different manufacturing processes and the extremely high variance of components, the areas of application of CT measurements in industrial metrology are diverse and range from failure analysis to assembly control and the dimensional metrology of internal structures of components and workpieces. Gain new insights into the structures of your workpieces by using computed tomography and X-ray and find the right CT measuring services for your daily business.  

Defect Analysis 2D

Defect analysis 2D (P201/P202)  

Defect Analysis 3D

Defect analysis 3D (P203)  

Assembly Inspection

Assembly inspection  

Joining inspection

Joining inspection  

Eletronics Inspection

Electronics inspection  

Microsturcture Analysis

Microstructure analysis  

Fiber Composite Material Analysis

Fiber composite material analysis  

Powder Analysis

Powder analysis  

Foam Structure Analysis

Foam structure analysis  

Grain Size and Distribution Analysis

Grain size and distribution analysis  

Industrial computed tomography: instant help via app

With our free app you will learn the basics of industrial computed tomography. Among other things, it explains the basics of dealing with X-rays, the process of a scan up to the reconstruction and the subsequent evaluation.

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