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ZEISS Active Scanning Technology

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Tactile measurements with higher accuracy, speed, and flexibility

Dotykové senzory jsou správnou volbou tam, kde je vyžadována velmi vysoká přesnost. Snímají povrch součásti bod po bodu. ZEISS nabízí širokou škálu dotykových senzorů pro zajištění optimálního řešení pro vaši aplikaci.

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ZEISS Scanning Technology

Traditional scanning offers greater operational safety, accuracy, and throughput than the single-point measurements of the touch-trigger method. As entire parts are measured in one fluid movement, scanning enables faster speeds, the removal of environmental influences, and the capture of far more data.

The Unique Touch

ZEISS Active Scanning Technology

Active scanning takes measurement to new heights: Software-controlled electromagnets apply a steady low force to the stylus whatever its size and orientation, enabling an expanded range of motion with no repositioning. Real-time deflection monitoring supports automatic adjustment. Enjoy maximum flexibility, greater speed, and the accuracy you need for future applications.

Single-Point measurement vs. ZEISS Scanning Technology

How to measure a circle…

...with single points:

…with ZEISS Scanning Technology:

  • Can handle low throughputs and wide tolerances
  • Combination with ZEISS RDS possible
  • Estimates conditions between measuring points via interpolation
  • Requires frequent repositioning of probing head
  • Potentially overlooks significant deviations
  • Superlative accuracy across thousands of points
  • Supports high throughputs and much less error-prone
  • High scan speeds possible
  • Time-saving method contributes directly to higher yield

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Touch trigger has been described as a “woodpecker” approach – measure a point, move to another location, measure again, and repeat until the job is done. It is therefore capable of handling low part throughputs and generous measuring tolerances. Yet since the stylus is never in contact with the surface between the measuring points, this method generates less data and may provide an incomplete overview. And as the user must reposition before each measurement, the process can be slower than a measurement with scanning path.

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Scanning comprises a fluid and continuous movement that can quickly and accurately measure hundreds or thousands of points along a path as the stylus moves across a surface. This faster workflow not only returns far more data at much higher throughputs, it offers greater accuracy while saving both time and money. Users who have previously considered touch-trigger measurement to be “good enough” will find they are missing out on the many substantial benefits that only scanning can provide.

Benefits for day-to-day challenges

Single-Point Measurement
ZEISS Scanning Technology

Holistic scanning workflow

In eliminating interpolation, which merely estimates the conditions between individual measuring points, scanning represents a clear reduction in risk while yielding far more data. This results in higher accuracy and certainty. High measurement throughput is also critical for ensuring that many or all parts are scanned and any deviations identified: Faster scanning means fewer measuring machines are required and problems are detected more quickly, which reduces scrap and reworking of parts.

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The Unique Touch

ZEISS Active Scanning Technology

As the inventor of scanning, ZEISS is taking this technology to the next level with its cutting-edge active scanning concept. Featuring software-controlled electromagnets and force controllers that maintain a steady low force on the stylus, it delivers fast precision scanning with greater flexibility than ever.

How to measure

with an active probe


  • Built-in electromagnets for net zero force during scanning
  • Much faster than traditional scanning
  • Normalize force during measuring
  • Automatic bending correction
  • Software constantly updates the movement
  • Significantly less probe system noise, no need to “smooth” results
  • Long and heavy styli combinations can fulfil even more applications
  • Includes ZEISS VAST navigator functionality with expert mode
  • Potential for maximizing CMM productivity with ZEISS VAST performance

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Take a deep dive into the technology:

Active probe: where the real magic happens

Active scanning probe heads use software-controlled electromagnets and force controllers that exert net zero force. This method achieves greater accuracy at much faster measuring speeds and is also ideal for non-standard geometries.

Traditional probe applies adjustable force

Traditional scanning probe heads use springs to hold the stylus in its neutral position and hall sensors to measure deflection. The amount of force applied is adjusted according to the form and characteristics of the surface.

Functions of ZEISS Active Scanning

Realize the full potential of your CMM

ZEISS VAST navigator

High scanning speeds

The ZEISS VAST navigator module is included with every active scanning system. Take active scanning a step further by considering factors like the inertia of the bridge as well as the size and length of the stylus. In vastly extending or entirely removing certain crucial limits that affect traditional scanning, it opens up this technology to parts that could not be handled before.

  • Flexible measuring (size, weight, etc.)
  • High-speed scanning of outer diameters
  • Accounts for bending force during scan

Expert mode in ZEISS VAST navigator

Flexible scanning parameters

This module promotes tailored performance by changing the scan parameters according to what is being scanned, the applicable tolerances, and the features to be assessed such as roundness, position, and size. It directs ZEISS VAST navigator to calculate the precise speed based on the relevant characteristics. As the system automatically suggests the right scanning speed, users are not required to calculate the values themselves.

  • Automatically adjusts speed to match changed tolerances
  • Considers bending parameter and size of probe on system
  • Uses all data to calculate exact value for specific measurement

ZEISS VAST performance

Boost measurement capabilities

Maximize your productivity with two dynamic technologies in the ZEISS VAST performance package. FlyScan creates a shorter nominal path than with traditional methods, achieving time savings of up to 40 percent.

  • Ideal for complex scan tasks with complex geometries, disruptions and gaps
  • Far quicker scanning process and greatly expanded analysis, because the sensor doesn’t need to reposition
  • Smooth measurement for results free of noise

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Top flexibility with ZEISS CONTURA and ZEISS PRISMO Family

ZEISS is the premier expert for tactile scanning technology. The systems in the ZEISS CONTURA and ZEISS PRISMO family cover the full range of options and are available with active or traditional probes, ensuring suitability for all future tasks. This performance is underpinned by ZEISS mass technology, which supports rapid surface acquisition and precise single-point measurement.

ZEISS mass technology ensures highly precise operation – and quick exchange – of a large number of ZEISS sensors on a single measuring device. From sensors with RDS to those with a fixed probe system, from optical to tactile, and from traditional to active, mass delivers maximum flexibility.


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