ZEISS ABIS III - Surface Inspection for Smart Factories

Discover the exclusive world premiere of the new ZEISS ABIS III – a customized solution for fully automated surface inspection in modern press shops and future-oriented body shops. In this launch event, you will learn how to use the newly developed sensor for inspecting moving parts inline and in cycle time, identifying all relevant surface defects such as dents, waviness, cracks and now also scratches and pressure points within seconds.

We will also present the new, patented Multi-Color-Light technology for detecting the smallest defects with an evaluation time of less than 0.5 seconds per sensor image. See the new ZEISS ABIS III in action at a German car manufacturer and learn more about the latest ZEISS ABIS V20 software features.

Highlight of this launch event

  • Our "100% principle": fast and reliable inspection of all produced parts with the new ZEISS ABIS III - including the complete part surface and detection of all relevant defect types
  • Exclusive presentation on the successful piloting of the sensor at a well-known German car manufacturer
  • Live system demonstration and evaluation of the automatically generated, digital inspection reports in the ZEISS ABIS V20 software