Mobilní šestihranná deska s E-Drive ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE

Automatizovaná šestihranná deska

Automatizovaná, samohybná šestihranná deska CARFIT eMOBEE efektivně přepravuje komponenty z bodu A do bodu B a poskytuje udržitelnou podporu automatizovaných procesů v měřící laboratoři.

How you benefit from ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE

  • podporuje procesy automatizace v měřící laboratoři
  • umožňuje efektivní použití měřících strojů
  • zkracuje čas potřebný pro nastavení a umožňuje lepší monitoring procesů
  • díky lehké a stabilní šestihranné struktuře nabízí maximální stabilitu při minimální hmotnosti
  • díky pohonu čtyř kol zabírá minimální prostor a umožňuje postranní pohyby a otáčení o 360°



The ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE features an electric motor and is powered by built-in batteries. The battery life depends on the load, the travel path and the frequency – under normal operating conditions, a single charge is sufficient for several days of use. 

Navigation Without Detours

The system is navigated by remote control; it finds the final position in the cell semi-automatically using a positioning system and codes that can be read by the integrated camera. Preparation of the floor with rails is not necessary.

Lightweight Honeycomb Design

Integrated honeycombs made from aluminum give the plate maximum stability at minimum weight. This structure can handle a load that is around 30 percent heavier as compared to other transportation solutions. The high-precision hole grid enables the setup of fixtures for all workpieces that need to be measured. It is also possible to clamp heavy or multiple parts on the system.

Agile Travel Characteristics

A unique four-wheel drive makes it possible to steer all the wheels of the transport system individually. Thanks to this omnidirectional drive, the plate can steer in any direction at any time. This ensures reliable movement on almost any surface, as well as space-saving navigation and thus makes the plate suitable for small measuring labs.

Greater Throughput

With the ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE, the individual components comfortably travel from the production line to the measuring lab and even to the designated measuring machine as scheduled. Machine downtime is drastically reduced if multiple grid plates are used at the same time.

Hlavní vlastnosti

Light, maximum loadable and extremely stable: the mobile honeycomb grid plate CARFIT eMOBEE revolutionizes the loading processes in the measuring room.

Low net weight

High load capacity

High stiff ness by honeycomb core

Strong electric drive

Quiet operation

Insensitive to uneven floors

Omnidirectional driving options

Quick availability

Technical data for the mobile honeycomb plate


2000 mm x 1000 mm, 4000 mm x 2000 mm, 5000 mm x 2000 mm


from 630 kg (smallest version)


Electric motor

Travel path definition

DMC matrix; travel path defined using adhesive markers on the floor

Hole grid versions

50 mm x 50 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm, 200 mm x 200 mm


manual (remote with joystick, wireless) or half automatic

Maximum load

up to 6000 kg


1 m / sec.

Positioning accuracy

+/- 1 mm

Movement options

Freely navigable: lateral movements and 360° rotation possible

If the vehicle weight is over 6400 kg, which corresponds to a payload of approx. 4200 kg, the maximum speed of the vehicle must be reduced. In this case, the maximum speed depends on the ground conditions, load distribution, driving distance and driving direction (proportion of longitudinal or transverse driving) under load.

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